Business Consulting


Previous experience

-Fairview Health System

-Fairview Physician Associates

Previous Clients

-McKinsey Consulting

-Sanofi Aventis

-Kinetix Group


-Ion Solutions

-Adventis Health System

-United Health Group Ventures

Analysis & Strategy

Understanding Current Market Trends

Successful Strategies to Adapt.

-Relevant Case Studies and Real World    Experience

-Group Presentations and Planning    Sessions

past projects and clients

Physician Engagement

-Physician Leadership Training

-Physician Leader Coaching

-Value-based Payment Design

-Physician Network Organizational Design

-Health Exchange Product Development

Previous experience

-Fairview Physician Associates

-Fairview Health System

Team Awards

2 Healthpartners Care Innovation Awards 2012

-Back Pain Pathway (Fairview Health System)

-Pre-op Pain Assessment (Fairview Health System)

Medica Care Innovation Award 2012

-Virtual Medication Therapy Management

 (NetClinic and Fairview Partners)

Life Science Alley New Technology Award 2011

-Medication Management/Pediatric Diabetes


Premier/CMS Pay for Performance Top Performer

-Acute Myocardial Infarction 2005, 2006

-Congestive Heart Failure 2006

(Fairview Lakes Regional Medical Center)

Performance management Systems

-Defining Performance Differentiators

-Implementing KPI System

-Aligning Contracts and Incentives